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The Water Store has transformed into a company where we assist homeowners receive clean water to their homes through a variety of systems. Being apart of the Water Quality Association (WQA) seemed like a no-brainer to us, but some of our customers might not know what this membership means. The WQA is a voice of […]

It seems that only in recent years, homeowners have become more aware of possible radon levels around their home and how it can negatively impact their wells. Radon is a harmful, natural gas which you might not even know exists in your home. When asked why we would want to specialize in radon air and […]

Some homeowners might assume that if their drinking water does not have a strange color or taste, it is safe enough to drink. Though many signs of contaminated water can be perceived through these senses, there are other dangerous compounds that are harder to detect through sight or smell, and can be harmful to the […]

The Water Store has been installing water filtration systems in NH for years, and we know that sometimes deep bed filtration might not be necessary for your water purification needs. Cartridge filters are a great alternative with smaller equipment.   Cartridge filters remove suspended particles, taste, or odor from water by passing the water through […]

New homeowners and old homeowners alike have their water tested, and the test results come back and they hear the words “hard water” or “soft water”. For about five seconds they are left to wonder, “What the heck does that even mean?”.   The Water Store has been conducting water tests in NH and explaining […]

Being a local business that conducts radon testing in NH regularly in 1988, we have had our fair share of conversations with our customers about the misconceptions surrounding this toxic gas. When it comes to the health of homeowners, we want to debunk these myths and inform of the implications radon can have on you […]

Water filtration systems in NH can be necessary given our harsh climates and wells. With snow and heavy rain seeping into the ground and our wells, the water can carry contaminants from the earth we don’t necessary want in our bodies. The first step in buying a water filtration system is determining if you need […]

The Water Store suggests testing your water annually in NH as it’s important to the health of you and your family, but what many do not know is the best time of year to receive your water test from us is during the spring and early summer.   Just as many other parts of the […]

Time and time again you will hear a friend or family member talk about their well water in New Hampshire, and what the iron is doing to the taste and wellbeing of their appliances. When your well receives water, it picks up elements from the ground, such as iron. Iron can cause a metallically taste, […]

There are plenty of horror stories about arsenic and tales about using this natural chemical to poison others by placing it in food, but it is often arsenic alters our health in subtler ways. In November of 2015, a study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives linking respiratory complications in babies to arsenic exposure while […]