Arsenic Removal Aids in Babies’ Health

Posted on February 3, 2016

There are plenty of horror stories about arsenic and tales about using this natural chemical to poison others by placing it in food, but it is often arsenic alters our health in subtler ways. In November of 2015, a study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives linking respiratory complications in babies to arsenic exposure while in the womb.Water filtration


This test was conducted on over 400 pregnant, New Hampshire women who had private wells. After a year-long study following these newborns infections and respiratory system problems according to surveys completed by their mothers, each child was gaged by how often they were sick and the severity of their sicknesses.


A connection between babies exposed to higher levels of arsenic in the womb were more likely to develop certain kinds of infections, and might in turn increase a child’s likelihood of developing further respiratory conditions or allergic diseases.


The Water Store recognizes the effects arsenic has on the body, and how it can negatively alter the health of any person who consumes it. Given arsenic levels in New Hampshire are not often regulated, and many private wells surpass the average national limit, testing your water and committing to arsenic removal in NH is a smart move for your family.


Our arsenic removal systems work to have a long operational life, and are designed to be safe, easy, and affordable for any family. If arsenic is a concern for your private well, give us a call today at (603) 899-6680 to speak to one of our experts.