Determining If You Need a Water Filtration System

Posted on April 10, 2016

Water filtration systems in NH can be necessary given our harsh climates and wells. With snow and heavy rain seeping into the ground and our wells, the water can carry contaminants from the earth we don’t necessary want in our bodies. The first step in buying a water filtration system is determining if you need one.Water filtration


Getting a water test done by The Water Store in Rindge, NH is a great place to start. Depending on your location and direct source of water, your water test could be much more specific to your home. Generally, we test for common contaminates such as bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, and pH balance. Each of these are measured to determine the risk of consumption or use in your home, and your results will reflect the severity of your water.


If you find you might want to invest in a water filtration system based on the results of your water test, it is important to know what contaminants you are attempting to filter out. Knowing these contaminants and their concentrations is essential in choosing a water filter right for your family. For example, Reverse Osmosis (RO) offered by The Water Store helps filter out contaminants like Barium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, and Fluoride, which are known for causing health complications.


The final question in determining your need for a filtration system is knowing your family’s water use and if you’re looking for a more temporary or permanent solution to your water problems. For simple fixes, customers have been known to purchase tap filters or pitchers with built-in filters. For more lasting fixes include water filtration systems for an entire home or that work under the sink. Both options offer a variety of prices and values, but only you can determine what you believe is beneficial for your family’s health.


No matter what your decision will be, the experts are there to help you. The Water Store is here for all of your water filtration needs, big or small. There is plenty to learn and understand about your water and we want to be there to explain all of your options. We want what is best for you, your family, and your budget.


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