Remember to Change Your Cartridge Filters

Posted on June 10, 2016

Drinking Water Systems NHThe Water Store has been installing water filtration systems in NH for years, and we know that sometimes deep bed filtration might not be necessary for your water purification needs. Cartridge filters are a great alternative with smaller equipment.


Cartridge filters remove suspended particles, taste, or odor from water by passing the water through a porous or semipermeable medium or carbon. In layman’s terms, this system passes water through a filter (often carbon, charcoal, or blended filter) to sift out impurities. These filters can be found in a variety of sizes, but the most important rule with filtration systems is to remember to change or clean the filter.


Luckily, The Water Store’s cartridge filters are customer friendly and easily handled. Though every system is different from the next, knowing when and how to change the filter is necessary. Many units will have a recommended number of gallons to pass through your system before replacement, and following those criteria are essential to getting the best water from your system.


Though it seems like a small part of a larger process, consider a strainer you would use in your kitchen being clogged with various food items that are not cleaned from the holes. Allowing water to pass through the object becomes impossible with items blocking its path, and soon the strainer will fill with water before overflowing the sides, passing through to your sink’s drain without straining. Filtration works the same way at a microscopic level, and ensuring it’s proper care means you will always have water that smells, tastes, and is great for you and your family.


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