The Water Store in Rindge, NH is dedicated to providing clean, safe drinking water for your home and business.

We offer a variety of different products that can assist in cleaning or eliminate any harmful substances in your existing water source. Choose an item below for more information or call us at (603) 899-6680 anytime.

Soft water makes clothes and washing cleaner and last longer. Hair and skin will feel smoother and have more luster, cleaning products will last longer, clean better which will save you money over time.

Neutralizing water will stop the corrosion and unsightly Green / Blue stains from PH and Alkalinity corroding piping and fixtures.

This filtration system is designed for the removal of Iron, Manganese, and Rotten Egg Smell (Sulfur) smell from your water.

Aeration Iron removal system will add air to the water for the oxidation of Iron, Manganese and Rotten Egg Smell (Hydrogen Sulfide Gas).

This system will add air and or peroxide (H202) or both for the oxidation of Iron, Mangenese and high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide gas (H2S).

Arsenic has been classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a human carcinogen (Cancer Causing Agent) when the EPA lowered the drinking water standard from 0.05mg/l to 0.010 mg/l thousands of municipal and private wells did not meet the new standards.

Install a UV disinfection system and you no longer have to be concerned about waterborne pathogenic organisms causing illness or contaminating production processes.

Drinking Water Systems: Reverse Osmosis (RO) is one of the most convenient and economical method of reducing unwanted contaminants among drinking water systems.

Radon is a serious concern for many people with well water. Radon gas has been associated with causing cancer. The government now recommends removing as much radon from your water as possible.

The removal of a suspended particle (sediment) or taste & odor from water by passing water through a porous or semipermeable medium or carbon.

The EPA recommends that airborne radon should be reduced when the level is 4.0 or more picocuries per liter (Pci/L) and that property owners should consider action if the level is 2 to 4 Pci/L.

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