Why Drinking Water Systems in NH Are a Necessity

Posted on June 30, 2016

Water filtrationSome homeowners might assume that if their drinking water does not have a strange color or taste, it is safe enough to drink. Though many signs of contaminated water can be perceived through these senses, there are other dangerous compounds that are harder to detect through sight or smell, and can be harmful to the body. Given our state’s climate and well regulations, water systems in NH should be a necessity for homes with private wells.


Our climate is inclined to have contaminants. According to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Sciences, nearly 20% of the private bedrock wells in NH exceed the national standard of arsenic. Between our rocky foundation and other contaminants found in pesticides used on farms and apple orchards, New Hampshire has a tendency towards harmful components possibly seeping into well systems.


Not only is there a chance private wells can become tainted, NH doesn’t not have clear quality or testing standards for these wells, which means they are not as closely regulated as other systems or in other states. Private wells are not required to be tested or treated, meaning many residents with private wells might not know the risks they are taking by drinking the water in their home. These unknowns can lead to lasting medical problems which can be avoided with simple fixes.


New Hampshire is a great place to live, but you should never live in fear that your water might not be safe to drink. The Water Store suggests yearly tests to ensure your water is clean, and we offer a variety of water filtration systems to fit your budget. Giving your family peace of mind by working with us to filter your water means one less worry in your everyday life.


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