Water Softener System

We are your number one source for water softenerWater Softener System: soft water makes clothes and washing cleaner and last longer.  Hair and skin will feel smoother and have more luster, cleaning products will last longer, clean better which will save you money over time.  Our water softener will also remove red rust stains of Iron and black stains of Manganese.  Automatic valves efficiently use salt to clean the system.  The valve can be programmed on a 12-day timer or more efficient metered valves. Twin tank water softener for constant filtration 24 HR per day with a clean water backwash system.

  • High quality automatic valves
  • 12-day timer fleck controls
  • Metered fleck controls
  • Wide range and capacity mineral tanks
  • Large brine tanks with safety floats
  • Twin tank fleck controls
  • Digital control valves