Understanding How Different Water Filtration Systems Work

Posted on August 13, 2015

Water filtrationFor new home owners and established home owners alike, determining what the best course of action to take with your water supply can be a complicated and time consuming process. The experts at The Water Store, however, have been dealing with water filtration and purification for close to three decades. Our specialists have spent years helping to create solutions for homeowners, and helping them to understand the different kinds of filter systems and their benefits for their homes. Here are several types of water filtration systems that could benefit your home.

Membrane Filters

These filters effectively squeeze water molecules through physical media, or a membrane, which traps harmful contaminants and prevents them from contaminating the water supply through the rest of your home. In some cases, the membrane is so small that it traps not only harmful materials and metals, but even microorganisms.

Carbon Filters

These are the kinds of filters that many homeowners might be most familiar with. Carbon filters employ a bed of what’s referred to as activated carbon. Water passes through one end of the filter, and through sometimes several layers of carbon. The carbon then leeches out harmful contaminants and other pollutants, allowing clean water to flow freely through. Carb filters are some of the oldest filters in existence and are extremely reliable.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

There’s no better water filtration systems for removing salt from a drinking water supply, as well as other minerals. While it requires very high pressures to operate, reverse osmosis is extremely effective. However, because reverse osmosis is so effective removing all minerals from drinking water, it can lead to the same problem that distilled water has: namely, the process removes helpful minerals which have been linked to increased healthiness among children and adults. However, there are many ways to address this concern for homeowners.

When it comes to identifying a potential solution to problems with your home’s drinking water supply, there’s no better place to look than The Water Store. Consult our experts today by giving us a call at (603) 899-6680.