Three Signs Your Home Needs a Water Softener

Posted on June 29, 2015

Water softenerOwning a home in New England can be a serious challenge. Between being battered with snow in the winter and keeping cool during summer heat waves, you are constantly fighting to keep your home safe and habitable throughout the year. However, one crucial element some homeowners, new and old alike, fail to consider is their water supply and whether or not they need to consider installing a water softener. We’ve compiled three tell-tale signs to help you with this decision.

Well Water

Many homes in New England derive their water supply through some kind of well system. Well water can contain materials that naturally make its water hard. Homes connected to city or town water lines will often have their water treated at a central processing plant, removing harmful materials or particles that can make water hard. If your home’s water source is a well, consider having your well water tested to determine if a water softener should be installed.

Tough Laundry

Another telltale sign of hard water is how your clothes come out of your washing machine after a wash. If your clothes feel abnormally tough or grungy after a few loads in your new home, this can mean that the water going into your washing machine is hard. Installing a water softener can help keep your clothes feeling soft and increase their lifespan.

Dishwashing Woes

You might notice that, after moving into your new home, trying to scrub and clean dishes becomes exponentially harder. This can also be a sign of hard water. Because hard water can cause a dull film to accumulate on anything it touches, your dishes become much harder to clean. After many years, your flatware and china can be ruined if the problem isn’t addressed.

These are just a few ways to help steer you towards making the decision to install a water softener in your home. Our experts at The Water Store are ready to field any and all questions you have about your water quality. Call us today at (603) 899-6680.