Three Benefits to UV Light Disinfection System

Posted on April 29, 2015

Water filtrationOne of the realities of living in the 21st century is that technology grows and evolves at sometimes startling rates. Just in terms of water filtration and purification methods, products and services have advanced in leaps and bounds. Not only have new products been made affordable for wider markets, but once-advanced systems are within most homeowners’ reach. And when it comes to water purity and water filtration, it’s always advisable to see what’s on offer every year for your home’s drinking water system.

Today, we’re looking at three benefits of one of the most advanced purification and filtration methods: UV light filtration. Let’s see if your home can stand to benefit from UV light!

No Chemicals Required

As opposed to other filtration systems that may require the homeowner to purchase expensive batches of chemicals every year, UV light requires no additional chemicals. Because of this fact, maintenance of the systems is much less demanding than even something as simple as a water softener or cartridge water filtration system. For homeowners with hectic work lives and families always on the move, this can be a huge boon.

No Aftertaste or Water Discoloration

Unlike some other chemical processes, UV light doesn’t leave the water with a strange after taste or discoloration. Especially for homeowners that decide to install drinking water systems on top of purification or softener systems, this can be a huge advantage. It’s also nice to take a shower with clean, clear water as opposed to having to scrub orange-colored water stains from their shower stall!

Less Maintenance

Generally, the key component a homeowner has to worry about with a UV light water disinfection system is the UV lamp, or bulb, that actually treats the water. Most manufacturers recommend changing the bulb once every year, which can really help save the homeowner’s wallet from taking a beating, while still improving the quality of the water in their home.

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