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It is estimated that over 20,000 lung cancer deaths from radon occur each year, and is the second largest cause of lung cancer behind smoking. It moves freely through air, ground water, and surface water, and can migrate into homes and buildings from the outside soil surrounding it. Here is a beginner’s guide to radon […]

At the Water Store, we strive to provide all of our customers with clean and healthy drinking water. After a thorough water test, we suggest which type of water filters would be best for your home. Using water filters in your home can provide a homeowner with a number of benefits. The following are ten […]

At The Water Store, we believe that it is every homeowner’s right to have access to clean, healthy drinking water. This is why we place such a high emphasis on having your home’s drinking water regularly tested for potential threats. One service that we provide and know is essential to the health and well being […]

Being a homeowner in NH is something that comes with a great deal of responsibility. It’s actually a testament to years of hard work, patience and prudent financial planning. And, because you’ve put so much into becoming a homeowner, it’s fitting that you’re made well aware of how you can keep your home one that […]

Simply put, The Water Store provides essential services by testing your home’s water supply for the presence of any harmful elements. After testing, we design a water filtration system for your home based on our findings. And, much of the time, we find that iron and manganese are present in many NH homeowners’ water supplies. […]

Having access to clean drinking water is something that everyone should have. And, at the Water Store, we design drinking water systems to help make this a reality for homeowners all over New England. Water is the essence of health. The human body is made up of approximately 60% of water so keeping one’s self […]

New Hampshire isn’t called the GraniteState for nothing. Our geology is especially rocky and those historic rock walls? Well, they’re evident of the fact that we live in a unique environment that’s simply full of rocks. While this makes for beautiful and interesting terrain and scenery, it also leaves room for a silent threat; radon. […]

When wondering if your home or office needs a water softener, there are a few tell tale signs that will let you know. Basically, if you have, “hard water,” you need a water softener. Water that has an abundant amount of calcium and magnesium in it makes up what is known as hard water. And, […]

Water is an essential part of everyday life. Not only is it necessary for our basic survival, but we also use water for everything from cleaning to bathing to nurturing our lawns to washing and more. Luckily, we have an influx of water and the U.S. has the cleanest water supply in the world. However, […]

We take advantage of things every day. That there will be food on our plates, decent clothing for us to wear and when we go outside, clean air to breathe. What about your water? We take advantage of our water resources every day. The faucet flips on with ease and out pours the liquid we […]