Breaking Down Water Purity Fundamentals

Posted on October 19, 2015

Water filtrationFor homeowners, nothing can be more important than ensuring that the source of drinking water in your home is clean and free of potentially deadly contaminants that might harm you or your family’s health. When we shower, or get water from the sink for a drink, we want to know that our water is pure, clean, and safe for our children. We just don’t want to have to think twice about that glass of water in our hands, and whether or not it was treated through a water filtration system that will guarantee its safety.

Despite EPA guidelines and federal mandates, the burden of ensuring your home’s water quality usually falls squarely on the homeowner. While this isn’t necessarily fair, it’s the reality of the situation. Our expert technicians at the Water Store are well versed in the terminology and technical nomenclature of water purity, and we want to help educate homeowners so they can make the right decisions when it comes to safeguarding their home’s drinking water purity using different kinds of water filtration systems and methods

One of the first lines of defense against household water supply contaminants is a conventional carbon based filter system. Often installed just after the home’s water intake into the home, this kind of filter is effective at trapping particulate contaminants and can bring a questionable water supply up to drinking water standards.

However, for biological contaminants, carbon might not be effective. In this situation, it can be worth investing in a UV light water treatment, that kill parasites and microorganisms present in your water by bombarding them with harsh UV light. Because you only have to change a lightbulb usually once every year, the maintenance on such a device is much lower than other systems.

Of course, finding the right kind of water filtration system for your home’s unique situation is where the experts at the Water Store really shine. Get in touch with the professional technicians at The Water Store and find out if your home is properly protected.

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